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The person behind the desk is me: Annette de Groot. Lawyer with over 13 years experience in employment law. I offer advice and support with all questions regarding your employment.

Questions you might have:

Is it wise to sign a non compete clause? Do I have to accept a decline in salary? A demotion or a dismissal? Is my employer following the rules of Dutch law?

How do I resolve an employment dispute? Can my employer oblige me to take leave? How can I try to receive a termination proposal? And what about unemployment benefits in the Netherlands?

Dit soort vragen beantwoord ik voor je. En alle andere vragen. Of het nu gaat om vakantiedagen, salaris, problemen op het werk of over arbeidsongeschiktheid. Ik help je bij al deze aspecten verder. Ook als je al een conflict hebt met de werkgever of zelfs al een lopende rechtszaak.

Want voor elke situatie die met jouw werk te maken heeft is er een antwoord te vinden in het arbeidsrecht.

The Employment Law Desk helps.

I explain the rules of the game in a clear manner, so you know where you stand. And I offer a plan, so you know how to move forward.

If you have received an offer for termination of employment, if there is a dismissal application at the UWV (Institute for Employee’s Insurances), or at the court, I will fight with you and for you. So you can keep your job.

Would you like to leave your current workplace? In that case we aim for the best settlement. I will negotiate on the cutting edge and get the most out of the situation for you. In order for you to receive what you are entitled to and more.

I can also assist you if you are confronted with unjustified sanctions, reassignment, relocation or with any other undesired adjustment of your employment conditions.

Why The Employment Law Desk?

Because you can rely on my extensive experience and specialized employment law knowledge. The desk distinguishes itself by the rapid, informal and practical transfer of that knowledge. Guidance and advice from an experienced lawyer, but accessible and understandable at the same time. I am truly involved and I understand the emotions behind a legal issue.

Transparency and clarity in advance about the costs. And for employees a reduced rate applies.

Sometimes your employer pays part of the costs. That wasn't offered to you? In that case it is wise to ask about it. I can help you with that as well.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Do you want to know more about the lawyer behind the desk?

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