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The Employment Law Desk offers advice and support.
Completely tailored to your needs.

Advice & support

Tailor-made guidance.

You can call in The Employment Law Desk for expert legal and strategic advice.

It is all about what you want. Fight mode or friendly mode. I'll show you all the options. I can support you in the background, or take over all communications or proceedings completely. While you still pull the strings. Everything is possible.

The Restructuring Desk

Has there been a change within the company where you work? Do you want to know whether you have been correctly selected for dismissal? Or whether your employer has followed the rules in the event of a business economic dismissal? For these kinds of specific questions you can also call in The Restructuring Desk, the specialist service branch focused on everything related in restructuring and organisational changes, from an employment law point of view.

Please feel free to contact me. Also if you have any other questions.

Curious to find out if your employer is taking the right steps?
View the restructuring checklist with step-by-step plan.